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[Brand Vision] A world-class furniture seat manufacturer

[Enterprise spirit] Loyalty, truth-seeking, innovation, development, and single-mindedness

[Business purposes] Focus on customer needs, focus on professionalism

[Business Goal] To be market-oriented, talent-driven, and innovative as the premise, to be among the forefront of China's furniture industry. Consensus: the common recognition and recognition of the company’s development strategy and goals by all personnel in the company; Co-creation: take action to reach a consensus on the development goal and create together; Sharing: the benefits created in the development of the company will be shared by all members of the company ; Co-prosperity: The honor of the enterprise is created by each individual, and the honor of the collective will spread to everyone. Every employee of an enterprise must have a sense of collective honor that shares the honor and disgrace with the enterprise. Personal honor belongs to the enterprise, and the honor of the enterprise is created by everyone.

[Business Purpose] Professionalism, Specialization, Internationalization

[Corporate team culture] Diligent in communication, mutual tolerance, courageous commitment, seeking truth from facts, sharing experience.

[Management philosophy] Entrepreneurship collectively, employee stock ownership; Pursue quality, strive to be the first; Self-management, cost control.